The aftermath of a thought

Someone finally understands where I’m coming from.

Aftermath Of Lauren

Thoughts can be dangerous. I should know. They’ve done something to me that no other human being has managed to do. Destroyed my resolve, made me question all of my strongest beliefs and ideas, had me second guessing at what I really wanted to do. Sometimes, I sit there in a form of mild catatonia, wandering how a mere thought has done this to me and I come up with no satisfactory answers.

See, what you have to tell yourself is that thoughts are no different to polluting an ocean with blood.

Sharks will swarm.

I guess we are a naive and ignorant race. We do not realise how something so small or seemingly insignificant can destroy us… I read a blog recently, and the girl was comparing the similarities between something as innocent and beautiful as wanderlust with something as malignant and obscene as cancer… This really got me thinking…

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